Thursday, April 23, 2009

FREE Simple Dress


And about the Simple dress: I think most who tried yesterday got the dress by now? With some of my accounts the bag just arrived today, when I tried yesterday.

But from now on: It’s UK only! They’ve only added this today! So I’m guessing they gave everyone who tried yesterday the dress, because it was their fault to not mention UK only… (and they probably got lots of complaint-mails :) )

You don’t have it and still want it? Just follow these instructions:

1. Enter this into your url bar:

2. After ‘u=’ you type your user ID. You can find this number under ‘my account’, on the right at the bottom.

3. Press go or enter. (just go to that website)

4. Fill in the form at the bottom. You don’t need to fill in real info, not even your real email. (eg works too!)

5. Press submit and you should find a bag in your suite! :D

(no need to change your country into UK)